Original Article

A preliminary report on the use of a partially absorbable mesh in pelvic reconstructive surgery


Pelviperineology 2008;27(1):22-25

The physical characteristics of a synthetic implant used in pelvic reconstructive surgery are thought to play an important role in the causation of erosion and other complications of mesh implantation. This is in addition to the significant role of surgical technique and a patient’s own risk factors. In this report the physical characteristics of non reabsorbable and partially reabsorbable meshes are examined and compared including weight, breaking strength, flexural rigidity and pore size. A preliminary study is reported where thirty patients underwent prolapse surgery with bilateral sacrotuberal fixation of the vault and mesh implants in the anterior and/or posterior vaginal wall using a partially reabsorbable mesh. Mean follow- up at 1 year demonstrated an erosion rate of 4-4.5% with a recurrence rate only in the anterior compartment of 12%.

Keywords: Pelvic reconstructive surgery; Mesh erosion; Partially absorbable mesh.