Original Article

A semi-automated programme for urodynamic diagnosis: preliminary report of a work in progress


Pelviperineology 2011;30(2):40-48

A semi-automated computer diagnostic programme, titled UDS ASSISTANT, that can be used by physicians and medical professionals has been devised. The algorithms were developed basing on reference publications (ie, ICS standardization of terminology, ICI reports, Good urodynamic practice) and some urodynamic textbooks (Abrams’ Urodynamics, Chapple’s Urodynamics made easy, Nitti’s Pratical Urodynamics). The programme assists the examiner in making a urodynamic diagnosis from the data recorded during the examination. Data are currently entered manually by the examiner, but after a large-scale validation of the method, we don’t exclude a totally automated diagnosis through a direct post-processing of the traces. The software may be an important diagnostic aid for those who are not particularly expert in urodynamics. Furthermore, basing the diagnosis on objective criteria of an algorithm sheet more than on subjective interpretation of traces, it may reduce the inter- and intra-observer variability that is one of the main restrain of current urodynamic investigation.

Keywords: Urodynamics; Diagnostic software; Computer-assisted diagnosis.