Case Report

An incidental opportunity for a second look laparoscopy following a unilateral hysterosacropexy in a young women with severe voiding dysfunction: a case report and description of a novel surgical procedure


Pelviperineology 2016;35(1):22-24

We present the findings of a diagnostic laparoscopy performed three months after a novel procedure of laparoscopic unilateral sacropexy using a narrow, needled, mesh sling with a reusable tunneling device. This is a case of a 20 year old generally healthy patient, with severe voiding dysfunction of six months. She was referred to our urogynecological clinic after an episode of acute pyelonephritis with complaints of urinary retention. The diagnostic laparoscopy that was performed during the investigation of abdominal pain had no remarkable findings; however, it gave us a rare opportunity for a second look following the unilateral hysterosacropexy procedure. Laparoscopic unilateral sacropexy has good anatomical and functional results.

Keywords: Voiding Dysfunction; Laparoscopic Hysterosacropexy; Reusable Tunneling Device; Mri Visible Mesh.