Original Article

Bilateral Sacrospinous Colposuspension (BSC) for the treatment of vaginal vault prolapse – description of a novel method



Pelviperineology 2019;38(2):46-48

Vaginal vault prolapse is observed with increasing frequency in the era of large aging populations. Various surgical techniques have been established, varying in performance, difficulty and outcome, specifically complications. A bilateral sacrospinous colposuspension technique (BSC) with a corresponding mesh prosthesis was developed using a direct I-Stitch fixation of the 38 microgram mesh from the vaginal apex or uterine cervix to the sacrospinous ligament or the parasacral tendinous region for the treatment of an anatomical central pelvic floor defect. As a minimally invasive approach with the potential for conservation of the uterus, this technique should be applicable to all age groups including the increasingly frequent elderly patient with significant co-morbidities.

Keywords: Bilateral sacrospinous colposuspension,Operative therapy,Single incision,Vaginal mesh placement,Vaginal vault prolapse,Macroporous,Lightweight