Case Report

Detrusor instability is a rare presentation of pelvic subserosal fibroma, seven years following a total abdominal hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy: Case report


Pelviperineology 2010;29(3):79-80

Solitary Fibrous Tumours (SFT) are uncommon, slow growing, well-circumscribed tumours arising from the mesenchyma. These tumours were first described in the thoracic cavity, originating from the pleura but have since been reported in various sites including the prostate, bladder, periosteum, soft tissue, liver and kidney. This case report describes a 40 year old woman, presenting with symptoms of detrusor instability due to a midline solid, discrete pelvic mass, centred above the bladder, with displacement of the sigmoid colon evident on CT scan. Histology revealed a ‘subserosal fibroma’. This article describes the current literature relating to pelvic solitary fibrous tumours.

Keywords: Subserosal fibroma; Solitary fibrous tumours; Detrusor instability