Case Report

Filshie clip migration into wall of urinary bladder presenting with acute abdominal pain. Case report and review of English literature: from1990 to April 2009


Pelviperineology 2010;29(3):84-87

Female sterilization with Filshie clips is a commonly used contraceptive method around the world. Migration of the Filshie clip is a well recognized complication of this type of female sterilization and it is usually without subsequent serious morbidity. We report a case of a Filshie clip migration to the wall of the urinary bladder that resulted in presentation with acute abdominal pain 10 years following tubal occlusion. We have also reviewed all cases of migration of Filshie clip reported in the English language to date. The possibility of Filshie clip migration should be considered in the clinical presentation of unexplained abdominal pain, groin lump or perineal sepsis in women with past history of sterilization with Filshie clips.

Keywords: Filshie clips; Migration; Urinary bladder; Acute abdominal pain.