Clinical Practice

Short-IPGH system for assessment of pelvic floor disease


Pelviperineology 2007;26(2):73-77

A simple clinical tool is presented to quantify and record pelvic floor disease. The short-IPGH system enables the clinician to document a summary of the clinical status of a patient. This system creates a clinical record with the details of a complex history and examination. It is particularly helpful when reviewing a previous assessment or reporting a patient’s status to a colleague. The short-IPGH is made up of four domains which cover the basics of a pelvic floor evaluation. The data is recorded in a standard proforma which enables rapid assessment of the clinical situation. The original IPGH system was designed to process a large amount of objective data in a research environment. The short-IPGH breaks down complex data sets to create a smaller number of scoring systems that are clinically useful in everyday practice.

Keywords: Pelvic floor; Clinical record; Prolapse; Incontinence; Retention.