Should uterus be removed at pelvic organ prolapse surgery: A reappraisal of the current propensity


Pelviperineology 2017;36(1):25-33

Pelvic organs are anatomically supported by ligamentous-fascial attachments of endopelvic fascia and muscular support provided by levator ani muscle complex. Dysfunction or disruption of these components, alterations in tissue tensile forces, which are associated with collagen content and turnover within the tissue, as well as lack of hormonal support emerging as the menopausal transition advances, contribute to the pelvic organ prolapse. Hysterectomy has been the treatment of choice for years, despite the recent trend shifting toward uterus preserving measures. In this article, we intended to review the pros and cons of both hysterectomy and uterus preserving approaches through a critical perspective.

Keywords: Pelvic organ prolapse; Hysterectomy; Uterus preservation.