Clinical Practice

Sonography of the female pelvic floor: clinical indications and techniques


Pelviperineology 2007;26(2):59-65

Severe pelvic floor prolapse represents a significant diagnostic and reconstructive challenge for clinicians. Using static and dynamic perineal sonography, preoperative evaluation of the entire pelvic floor can now be performed at rest, strain and during both voiding and evacuation to determine whether laxity is global or confined to specific compartments. However, this modality shares the limitations of other techniques in this section (i.e., lack of standardization, validation, or availability). Based on our experience with more than 500 female patients over the last 5 years, our technique for performing ultrasound imaging of the pelvic floor is described including information on transducer type and orientation, image display and interpretation and quantitative description in order to illustrate the clinical utility of this non-invasive diagnostic technique.

Keywords: Transperineal sonography; Pelvic floor dysfunctions; Pelvic prolapse; Descending perineum syndromes.