Original Article

The management of stress urinary incontinence using transobturator tapes in a tertiary hospital in South Africa


Pelviperineology 2012;31(3):82-86

Introduction and objectives:

The aim of this case series was to assess the safety and efficacy of the TOT in treating SUI, as well as the intra- and postoperative complications and their management.


Five different macroporous tapes were inserted by a single operator. Patients were assessed by history, positive cough test and intra- and postoperative complications; objective, subjective success rates have been recorded.


120 patients with SUI were included. Intraoperative complications included 2 bladder and 2 vaginal perforations, which were diagnosed and managed intra-operatively. The follow up was between 3 and 63 months. Both objective and subjective cure rates of 94.5% were recorded. Positive results persist over a period of 5 years. Mesh erosion was noted in 1 case, 3 procedure failures and one de novo Detrusor Instability (DI) were found during the follow up period.


TOT outside-in is a safe and effective procedure for SUI with low complications.

Keywords: Complications; Outside-in Transobturator tape (TOT); Urinary stress incontinence; Urodynamic studies.