Original Article

Total pelvic floor repair using a polypropylene mesh. Personal modification


Pelviperineology 2013;32(4):104-109

The authors present their personal modification of surgical repair for a complex pelvic floor pathology. In a 58 year old woman rectal prolapse, genital organs prolapse, descending perineum, rectocele and enterocele together with left colon diverticulitis were diagnosed. Subsequent steps of the surgery were: left colectomy, hysterectomy and reconstruction of pelvic fascio-muscular structures using a polypropylene mesh. An abdomino-perineal approach was used to suture the mesh to the perineal body and to the muscles of pelvic floor. Its upper part was fixed to the presacral fascia at S1/S2 level. The rectum and the vaginal stump were anchored to this scaffold. The anatomical and functional 12-month results were excellent.

Keywords: Descending perineum; Enterocele; Genital organs prolapse; Pelvic floor repair; Rectal prolapse.