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In 2010 GA Santoro, AP Wieczorek, and CI Bartram edited a comprehensive new textbook entitled Pelvic Floor Disorders Imaging and Multidisciplinary Approach to Management.

This work is published by Springer and contains contributions from many of the most renowned International pelvic physicians and surgeons. The work presents a special emphasis on the role of diagnostic imaging. Pelviperineology is pleased to announce that we will be publishing a series of articles highlighting the different sections of this landmark book in the months to come. It goes without saying that this innovative work is a completely new approach covering the diagnosis and management of pelvic problems in one comprehensive volume.

This approach enables the reader to develop a sound understanding of the pathophysiology of pelvic disease seen through the window provided by the latest imaging techniques. It highlights the importance of the imaging of pelvic floor disorders especially with the advent of new innovative technologies in many areas. This work covers both diagnosis and management. The decision how to treat should arise from a comprehensive understanding of the physiopathology of the relevant disorders and identifying where any anatomical defects are located using the techniques that are so clearly described This is a multidisciplinarity book. It is written by urologists, colorectal surgeons, gynecologists and physiotherapists and supports the concept that the approach to the pelvic floor and pelvic floor disorders should be multidisciplinary.

The International Society for Pelviperineology through our journal is proud to support this work and commend it to our readers. We hope you enjoy the forthcoming articles and will be motivated to obtain your own copy of the book.


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