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Publication ethics policies for medical journals

Pelviperineology publishes original articles devoted to the study of the pelvic floor as an integrated system highlighting the point of view of different specialists in urology, gynaecology and colorectal surgery. Articles should contain the most recent references and state of the art in problems concerning the pelvic area. The journal welcomes as well articles that may update non specialists in this field, for example internal medicine physicians, family doctors, neurologists, etc., about conditions of general interest involving the pelvic floor and how they can be resolved with a multidisciplinary approach.

The ideal article for Pelviperineology should be clear: its sections should describe precisely the methodology of the study and the statistical methods; illustrations must be of good quality. In the case of highly specialized topics, an easy understandable abstract, a good introduction and a correct sections distribution are particularly appreciated.

Pelviperineology aims to open an imaging section presenting clinically relevant data with a short commentary. As well, there will be a clinical cases section demonstrating typical cases of general interest and the best way to manage them. In order to reduce the time between the article being accepted and published, Pelviperineology will start an "in press" section allowing immediate viewing of the articles planned for publication.

Articles submitted to Pelviperineology will be mailed, without identification of the Authors, to three independent Referees who will give a synthetic evaluation with notes to the Authors when needed. The Editor in charge will consider the Referees' opinion before making a final decision on publication. If necessary the Authors may be asked to review their manuscript and/or to answer to the Referees' notes. The whole Peer Review process may be entirely followed online.

Following the publication of issue 1, 2012, all articles for Pelviperineology will be processed entirely through the web based software Isubmit (www.isubmit.it). Full instructions will be published in the journal pages. Our goal is a collaborative platform based on the software Isubmit, allowing reviewers and Authors to work together to obtain the best quality publication.

This new system will allow Authors to submit new articles, to review their list of previous articles, their status (awaiting for review, under review, accepted, etc), to automatically create a pdf version, and to correct it directly on line where necessary. The Isubmit system will enable Pelviperineology to communicate to the Author the final decision within 30 days from submission. The system can certify the day when an article has been submitted to the Journal. The register of this certification has legal value in some countries. An acknowledgment will be sent via email to the Author at submission. A similar receipt will be sent when the article is accepted.

In the near future, Isubmit will automatically perform part of the work required to prepare the text for printing on paper and online, and this will facilitate the publication of accepted articles in the website "in press" section. These articles are not copy edited and may lead to small differences with the final version. There may also be differences in the quality of the graphics. Once the papers appear in print, they will be removed from the "in press" and they will carry below each title the "Papers in press" publication date.

Isubmit will also allow Pelviperineology a more efficient management of the editorial process, reducing the publication cost. This will help to continue the present "open access" philosophy of the journal, without any cost to the Authors.

Welcome to the new Pelviperineology!

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