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Volume : 43 Issue : 1 Year : 2024
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pelviperineology. 2016; 35(1): 13-16 | DOI:

Treatment of chronic pelvic pain with Fascial Manipulation®

1Private practice - Cesena, 2University of Padova - Department of Molecular Medicine

Chronic pelvic pain represents one of the major challenges for healthcare providers; it is often difficult to arrive at a definitive diagnosis as well as to employ a “gold standard” treatment. In this paper, a new approach regarding to the pelvic pain has been described, basing on the concepts of anatomical continuity of the fasciae of the abdominal wall, the pelvic floor and the lumbar region. The method applied is Fascial Manipulation®, which consists in the treatment of specific points selected within the fascial continuity. To explain this hypothesis two case reports have been considered: the patients reported chronic pelvic pain, even if they also suffered for low back and inferior limbs. The understanding of the fascial continuity between the pelvis, the back and the thigh, permits the development of treatments that could be suitable for the therapy of pelvic pain and, at the same time, for back and inferior limbs pain.

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PASINI A, SFRISO M, STECCO C. Treatment of chronic pelvic pain with Fascial Manipulation®. 2016; 35(1): 13-16

Corresponding Author: PASINI A.

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