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(1) Main menu - (2) Navigation menu - (3) PDF file access - (4) Highlight on Abstract to quickly recognize content - (5) Links to related content to the article you're viewing - (6) Fast access menu to the article topics: the window menu slips automatically to get full advantage from last generation browsers, this makes easier and more effective reading the article - (7) Access to the index of the issue of Pelviperineology you are exploring.

(1) menù superiore

From the upper menu (1) it is easy to reach the last published issue of Pelviperineology in order to access the whole archive and other tools. You'll always find the edition number and date of publication of the issue you're exploring. With a mouse click you'll be able to see the index of that issue.

menù laterale

Left side menu

From the left side menu you'll be able to navigate the whole website, to easily reach relevant websites and to reach the pages dedicated to informations.

Search Pelviperineology

In the same menu you'll find a useful search tool to easily reach the contents of pelviperineology.org website. Just fill in the text box with the words you're looking for and click on the button "start searching" to access the database.

PDF (portable document format)

At the very beginning of every article (3) you'll find a link to the PDF version of the original document. This will help you to get the maximum from our website.

Print Page

It is also possible to print the article just accessing the browser print function. From most recent browsers, you'll get automatically, the hardcopy of the most relevant part of the article.


This website has been tested with most of the commonly used browsers, newer and older versions: Opera (from 7.xx till 9.xx), Mozilla (1.x and 2.x) e Internet Explorer (6.x and 7.x). We made every afford to let you experience the same quality of navigation in every browser. Anyway, even if your browser is not updated, you'll get a satisfying navigation experience (gracefull degrading).

menù destro Accessibility

We tried to follow the rules specified in WCAG double A rating and § 508 to help people with low vision power to enjoy our pages. We tried to project the website in order to let them to be translated in braille and audio by third party software.

Furthermore, most of the elements of our pages adapt to the page, so you can increase and decrease their proportions. You can use Ctrl + and Ctrl - to increase and decrease font dimension without loosing the original page format.

Right side menu (5)

From the right side menu it is possible to reach pages that, in our opinion, are linked to the contents of the article you are reading.

From the same menu is always possible to reach the index of the issue of Pelviperineology you are reading at that moment.

You can also activate, clicking over "This Article Menu " (look for hot spot icon spot), the Quick access Menu. Clicking on the icon a second time closes the quick menu. Javascript function of your browser must be on to get this function. Anyway you can enjoy our pages even if the Javascript funcion is off.

menù rapidoThis Article Menù

The "This Article menu" (6) allows you to quickly move across the article you are reading. You can also reach, using this Menu, the main sections of our website. In updated browsers the Article Menu moves up and down across the pages according to your scrolling.

The Article Menu is active even in older browser, but in this case it remains in the upper left corner of your page. You can hide the Quick menu simply clicking on the [X] symbol at the upper left corner of green window.

You can reactivate it clicking the hot spot spot in "Article Menu" you find in the right side menu (5).

menù inferiore

From the bottom menu you can reach useful pages with a single mouse's click (contacts, site map ecc.).