"To dream is simply to be pragmatic"
S. Ginath, A. Y. Weintraub
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The same posterior muscle vectors act to open urethra and anus during micturition and defecation
P. E. Petros, M. B. Bush
The generally accepted mechanism for micturition is that the pelvic floor relaxes, detrusor contracts, urine is expelled. To our knowledge, no EMG or imaging proof has ever been offered to validate this mechanism
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Normal lower urinary tract motility. Hypothesis
M. D. Levin
Objective: To clarify the mechanisms of urinary continence and micturition. State of the problem: Based on the assumption that all peristaltic organs obey the same laws we offer a hypothesis of motor function of the lower urinary tract
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Quality of sexual life of women with urinary complaints in reproductive age and after menopause
T. Teixeira, A. Rêgo, C. Filho, D. Araújo, J. Cardoso, L. Góes,m. Nazima
Urinary incontinence (UI), according to the International Continence Society, is defined as a complaint of any involuntary urine leakage. Stress UI (SUI) is defined as an in voluntary urine leakage during activities
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Ethical and legal issues of hiv screening in anal condylomatosis: an overview
G. Cestaro, R. Di Micco, M. Scarpaleggia, M. Gentile
Although the strong evidence of the prevalence of condylomata in the HIV-positive population, literature on HIV prevalence and regulation of HIV screening in HIV-unscreened population which is diagnosed with condylomata is unconclusive
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Parity and pelvic floor dysfunction symptoms during pregnancy and early postpartum
G. Rostaminia, P. Javadiann, A. O'boyle
We studied the pelvic floor dysfunction symptoms in pregnancy and early postpartum and its association with parity and gestational age. Women who had been referred to low risk obstetric clinic for prenatal and early postpartum care
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Does sacral nerve modulation work on simultaneous bladder and rectal dysfunctions?
E. Andretta, A. Masin, C. Zuliani, G. Mariotti, A. Sciarra
Sacral Nerve Modulation (SNM) is a known treatment for bothbladderandrectumdysfunctions.Awideliteraturesup- ports the use of SNM in unresponsive overactive bladder (OAB), urinary retention (UR), faecal incontinence (FI) and chronic constipation (Co)
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Urodynamic evaluation before and after continuous intrathecal baclofen infusion (iTb) in patients unresponsive wakefulness syndrome and minimally conscious state
D. Giraudo, F. Gozzerino, G. Lamberti, E. Antoniono, C. Califano, M.T. Filocamo, G. Massazza
Only a few reports have been published on acquired brain injury (ABI), especially on the correlation of urodynamic findings. The aim of this study is to urodinamically assess bladder function in patients on Unresponsive Wakefullness Syndrome (UWS)
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