On the attempted resuscitation of the pressure transmission theory for urethral closure
Burghard Abendstein
There have been several recent attempts to resuscitate the pressure transmission theory closure mechanism for the bladder and with it, the Integral Theory (IT) itself
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Identification of peri-prostatic neurovascular fibers before and after radical prostatectomy by means of diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) with clinical correlations: initial experience
S . Siracusano, A.B. Porcaro, A. Tafuri, R. Talamini, A.J. Cybulski
In clinical practice, robot-assisted radical prostatectomy (RARP) is an effective option for treating prostate cancer (PCA) along with all clinical risk classes. However, drawbacks related to the procedure include urinary incontinence (UI) and erectile dysfunction (ED)
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Histopathology findings of the pelvic organ prolapse
F.M.A. Corpa s, A. Illarramendi, F. Nozar, B. Caserta
Pelvic organ prolapse is a very common benign condition, unique to the human species, consequence of bipedastation. It is the result of a weakening of the different components that provide suspension to the pelvic foor, affecting the biosocial wellbeing of the woman
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Bilateral Sacrospineous Colposuspension (BSC) for the treatment of vaginal vault prolapse – description of a novel method
D.G. Kieback
Vaginal vault prolapse is a known clinical entity observed increasingly frequently in the era of large aging populations. Historically, treatment options included abdominal surgical interventions such as sacrocolpopexy or fascial slings
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Introducing a new service of a midwife-led telephone follow-up clinic for 3a & 3b Obstetric Anal Sphincter Injury: retrospective service evaluation and patients' satisfaction survey
S. Shawer, S. Innayat, H. Hutchinson, P. Ballard, A. Khunda
The reported incidence of Obstetric Anal Sphincter Injury (OASI) appears to have tripled between 2000 and 2012 from 1.8% to 5.9%, and much of this is likely to be due to better recognition. The overall incidence is 6.1% in primiparas and 1.7% in multiparas
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Pathophysiology of the functional constipation in elderly
M.D. Levin
The prevalence of constipation in the general population is approximately 20% although it can range anywhere from 2% to 27%, depending on the definition used and population studied
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On collagen, ageing and surgical treatment options following commercial kit withdrawals- a critical analysis
B. Abendstein, D. Shkarupa , P. Petros
The stimulus for this commentary was two news items, withdrawal of Bard's mini sling followed later by the announcement by the FDA of recall of all mesh kits, for pelvic organ prolapse (POP)
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ISPP Congress 2019
Pelvic Floor Disorders: Current Status, Technological Advances and Perspectives
October 6th-8th – Treviso (Italy) - First Announcement
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