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Burghard Abendstein, Peter Petros
The Urologist/Anatomist Salvador Gil Vernet (1892 – 1987) made many outstanding contributions to anatomical knowledge and urological surgery
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Biomechanical mapping of the female pelvic floor:changes with age, parity and weight
Vladimir Egorov, Vincent Lucente, Heather Van Raalte, Miles Murphy, Sonya Ephrain, Nina Bhatia, Noune Sarvazyan
Many pelvic floor disorders including POP, stress urinary incontinence (SUI), sexual dysfunction, congenital anomalies, and others are clearly manifested in the mechanical properties of pelvic organs. Therefore, biomechanical mapping of the response to applied pressure or loads within the pelvic floor opens up new possibilities in biomechanical assessment and monitoring of pelvic floor conditions
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Fowler's syndrome and posterior fornix syndrome play a similar dysfunction. A systematic review
Diana Badiu, Elvira Bratila
Fowler's syndrome (FS) is a disorder described by Clare Fowler in 1988. Its essential features were urinary retention in young women with polycystic ovaries and aberrant electrical activity in the rhabdosphincter (RS)
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A practical update on functional and dysfunctional anatomy of the female pelvic floor - Part 1 Function
Yuki Sekiguchi, Hiromi Inoue, Ryoko Nakamura
"Precise, almost mathematical knowledge of anatomy is a highly fertile source of surgical applications, suggesting new techniques and helping to perfect and simplify existing surgical methods, making them less mutilating and more benign and, in short, raising surgery to the rank of true science."
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A practical update on functional and dysfunctional anatomy of the female pelvic floor - Part 2 Dysfunction
Yuki Sekiguchi, Hiromi Inoue, Ryoko Nakamura
Part 1 analysed the crucial role of pelvic suspensory ligaments in normal structure and function of bladder and bowel. Key to normal closure (continence) and opening (emptying) of the urethra and anal tubes were three oppositely acting directional muscle vectors
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External urethral sphincter Original section by Salvador Gil Vernet
Jose Maria Gil-Vernet Vila
Tin the 1940s, Salvador Gil Vernet provided the first description of the external urethral sphincter as a vertically arranged tubular structure, refuting the existence of a plate of muscle arranged transversely between the two ischiopubic rami
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Repair of rectovagina fistula consequent on anal coitus
Prabhat Chandra Mondal
Rectovaginal injury due to coitus is a great challenge to the surgeons, as it could lead to rectovaginal fistula. Apart from child birth, surgeons and gynaecologists in India get many cases of rectal injury due to fall on sharp object, cow horn goring and coitus
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Sphincteroplasty, perineoplasty, anus remodeling
Alvaro Ochoa Cuberos
An 18 year old patient with a history of sexual abuse since she was 11 years old presented with grade IV tear after a vaginal delivery 48 hours before the surgical procedure. Deep involvement of the rectal mucosa, of the entire sphincter and absence of the perineal body was observed.
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Letter to Editors
P. Petros
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