Editorial Welcome to Pelviperineology

Cover Welcome to Pelviperineology. This is not a new journal. It began life in 1982 and for some years it provided a truly multidisciplinary forum for pelvic medicine and surgery in Italy. Pelviperineology is now also the official journal of the Australian Association of Vaginal and Incontinence Surgeons (AAVIS), the Integrated Pelvis Group and the Indonesian Society of Female Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. [More]

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Review Recto-enterocoele repair: past problems and new horizons by Richard Reid

rectenterocele Present methods for treating recto-enterocoele are based on assumptions of 100 years ago. These assumptions are now known to be flawed. However, new anatomic and surgical insights into the pathogenesis of recto-enterocoele have not flowed on to improved therapy. Standard operations for recto-enterocoele, whether done as a posterior colporrhaphy or a Delorme's procedure, are still rooted in concepts of 20 years ago. [More]

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Expert Opinion The future of the Sacral Nerve Stimulation by Michele Spinelli

future sacral nerve stimulationOver the last ten years sacral nerve stimulation has shown great potential in the treatment of pelvic dysfunction. Initially used to treat urinary symptoms it has recently also been used to treat fecal incontinence and constipation. The technique has been refined, by introducing a minimally invasive percutaneous two stage implantation, so that patients can undergo a prolongued test stimulation using a permanent lead. [More]

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Original Article Sacral neuromodulation in the treatment of fecal incontinence. The GINS experience by Carlo Ratto

Sacral neuromodulationEighty-eight patients treated and enrolled in the registry of the Italian Sacral Neuromodulation Group (Gruppo Italiano di Neuromodulazione Sacrale GINS) were evaluated after permanent implantation of a sacral neuromodulation device, with a median followup of 12 months. [More]

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Expert Opinion The International Continence Society and Integral Theory Systems for management of the incontinent female. A comparative analysis by Peter Petros

Integral surgical SystemThis work critically examines the recommendations of two rival systems for management of pelvic floor dysfunction, those of the International Continence Society (ICS) and the Integral Theory. [More]

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Basic Science Histo-topographic study of the longitudinal anal muscle by Monica Macchi, Andrea Porzionato, Carla Stecco, Filippo Benettazzo, Antonio Stecco, Anna Parenti, Giuseppe Dodi and Raffaele De Caro

longitudinal anal muscleThe longitudinal anal muscle (LAM) has been described as a layer of muscular tissue interposed between the external and internal anal sphincters but there is no general agreement in the literature on its attachments and constitution. The aim of the study was to investigate its topography for surgical purposes, with particular reference to its origin, insertion. [More]

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Review Functional urological complications after colo-rectal cancer surgery by Arturo Calpista - Stefano Lai - Andrea Agostini Mariangela - Mancini - Walter Artibani

tableSurgery for colo-rectal cancer is a common procedure, and it is associated with a high incidence of functional urological complications. These complications are due to damage to the pelvic nerves during mobilization of the rectum. In particular the sympatic and parasympatic innervation of the low urinary tract can be disrupted, both in male and female patients. [More]

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Case Report Can motor urge incontinence be surgically cured? by Klaus Goeschen

incontinenceThough symptomatic cure of urge incontinence has been previously reported by reinforcing the uterosacral ligaments, no urodynamic evidence of this has been presented to date. The following case is presented. A 60 year old teacher with a history of severe motor urge incontinence had been treated unsuccessfully with drugs over many years. [More]

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Pelvic Floor Digest This Issue Pelvic Floor Digest read_pdf

pelvic floor digestThis section presents a small sample of the Pelvic Floor Digest, an online publication (www.pelvicfloordigest.org) that reproduces titles and abstracts from over 200 journals. The goal is to increase interest in all the compartments of the pelvic floor and to develop an interdisciplinary culture in the reader. [PDF]