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Volume : 43 Issue : 1 Year : 2024
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pelviperineology. 2013; 32(3): 80-80 | DOI:

Dissecting study of subperitoneal tissue of the female pelvis

1Institute of Human Anatomy, University of Padova, Italy

Many studies supported the existence of a real fascial pelvic retroperitoneal system closely related to the endopelvic fascia. To better understand the organisation of the retroperitoneal fibroadipose tissue, dissections of 25 un-embalmed female pelvis were performed. Proper fibrous ligaments connecting the viscera with the pelvic walls were not identified, but connective condensation where the vessels were numerous and larger were recognised. Thin connective laminae surround the vessels adventitia and are connected with the septa between the adipose lobules. The 3D arrangement of the fibroadipose tissue corresponds to a mesh of thin connective laminae that borders the small adipose lobule and are connected with the visceral adventitiae, the vasculonervous sheath and the parietal pelvic lamina, constituting an anatomical device, which, passing the functional limits of any individual ligament, has elastic supporting properties. In absence of real ligament, the fibroadipose pelvic tissue could have not only the passive role of filling the spaces, but also an active role with supporting function coming from the intrinsic tissue proprieties and from the muscular tension of the pelvic floor.

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MACCHI V, PORZIONATO A, STECCO C, PICARDI E, DE CARO R. Dissecting study of subperitoneal tissue of the female pelvis. 2013; 32(3): 80-80

Corresponding Author: MACCHI V.

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