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pelviperineology. 2016; 35(3): 94-95 | DOI:

Effect of hysterectomy on Pelvic Floor Disorders

1Colorectal research center, Hazrat-e-Rasoul Hospital, Iran University of Medical Sciences and Health Services, Tehran, Iran, 2Department of Surgery, Hazrat-e-Rasoul Hospital, Tehran University of Medical Sciences and Health Services, Tehran, Iran

AIMS: :This study was designed to assess the effect of subtotal abdominal hysterectomy on pelvic floor disorders and anorectal function.
Methods: :Forty-seven women awaiting subtotal abdominal hysterectomy were included in this cross-sectional study by a non-probability convenience sampling method. Their anorectal function was assessed by a questionnaire and anorectal manometry before and 6 months after hysterectomy.
Results: :Our subjects did not frequently have defecation problems and results of baseline manometric study were in coordination with the clinical feature. In the current study, increased number of parities, BMI and age were not significantly correlated with manometry values. At follow up, all patients were well and none of them had any defecation disorder or complication, so only 3 of them accepted to undergo the follow up manometry.
Conclusions: :This study reports the manometric results of 47 healthy Iranian women, so provides a basic manometric data of Iranian women. This research detected no defecation disorder or manometric abnormality associated with subtotal abdominal hysterectomy, so this study suggests that this operation is an appropriate alternative to total abdominal hysterectomy which can cause more complications.

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MIRZAEI R, MAHJOUBI B, MOHAMMADIPOUR M, AZIZI R, KADKHODAEI H. Effect of hysterectomy on Pelvic Floor Disorders. 2016; 35(3): 94-95

Corresponding Author: MIRZAEI R.

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